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Our Development Strategy

Development Phase

Requirement Elicitation and Evaluation

This stage is crucial for understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders and establishing a clear scope for the software project.

Software Creation

During this stage, the focus is on implementing the software solution by translating requirements and design into executable code.


Once the software has been developed, we proceed with a beta testing phase before officially handing over the software to our client.



Additionally, during the release and deployment process, it is important to ensure proper communication with end-user or client.

Software Maintenance

After deploying software, we offer maintenance services to ensure smooth functioning of the software and issue resolution if any.


When adding new features and modules to an existing software, we follow the same approach to give the best experience to the users.


Our Valuable Clients

Success Story

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One of the Best IT Solutions & Training Company. It is headed by young, very talented Dr. Akil Surti. The Staff is wonderful and pleasant to deal with. I have a Flower Store in Canada and I rely totally on Enlighten Infosystems for all my IT Services. Thank you.

Mr. Hamza


Enlighten Infosystems is a good company which providing IT relater services like custome websites , mobile apps and others. Visit once.

Mr. Nitesh Gupta


Made me superb application for my optical shop. Thanks.

Mr. Kaizar


Excellent, specially designed ERP solutions as well as trustworthy domain and hosting services are provided by Enlighten Infosystems. Their depth of knowledge in both has allowed us to operate more efficiently and maintain a smooth business process. Highly advised for companies looking for customized ERP solutions.

Mr. Riken Khandelwal


In terms of great services and professionalism, Enlighten Infosystems is a company that genuinely stands out. It is admirable how knowledgeable, organised, and dedicated their team is to providing high-quality solutions. To anyone looking for dependable and creative IT solutions for their company needs, I highly endorse their services.

Mr. Arpan Shah

Founder & CEO

Setting the bar for creating mobile applications is Enlighten Infosystems. Their team's technological expertise and creativity produce one-of-a-kind, fascinating mobile apps that engage users and promote business success. You need go no further than Enlighten Infosystems if you're seeking for a truly unique mobile apps.

Mr. Ali Asgar


Enlighten Infosystems is one and only solution for all your IT needs. Best staff. Good services. Supportive environment as well.

Ms. Donna


Software Development FAQs

​Here are the top five frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we as a company would like to address to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that are normally in the minds of every customers while choosing ICT solutions for their businesses.

We offer software solutions such as the development of mobile applications, websites, and customized ERP solutions for businesses and industrial plants. Our goal is to provide innovative and tailored software solutions that optimize business processes and drive growth for our clients.

Our highly skilled team of developers possesses versatile knowledge across various aspects of IT solution development, ranging from comprehensive requirement understanding to delivering refined end products. Additionally, our team benefits from the guidance of experienced mentors from renowned industries specializing in accounting and finance. This ensures that our software solutions not only meet technical standards but also align with the specific needs of businesses in the financial domain, guaranteeing professionalism and expertise throughout the development process.

Our streamlined development model aims to minimize inconvenience for our clients by following a simple and efficient approach. To ensure a thorough understanding of requirements, we begin by visiting the client's site, engaging with staff members, and gathering essential data, including forms and other relevant information. In addition, we encourage our clients to visit our office, providing them with the opportunity to witness firsthand how our work processes are structured and how we proceed with their project. This not only instills confidence but also fosters transparent communication and collaboration throughout the development journey.

We prioritize the quality of our software solutions by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the expected modules and comparing them to the actual modules developed. Rigorous testing is then performed under various circumstances to ensure optimal functionality and reliability. Once we are satisfied with the actual output, we provide a beta solution to our client and their team to test in a live environment. We place significant emphasis on customer feedback as it is of utmost importance to us, allowing us to address any issues, refine the solution, and ensure it meets the client's specific requirements and expectations.

We place a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional service and maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. In line with this commitment, we offer competitive pricing options that align with their budgetary constraints and expectations. Our focus primarily revolves around the development costs, while other expenses are dependent on the client's specific requirements. Our payment terms are designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring a seamless and transparent process for our clients.