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Financial Services

are critical to the functioning of an economic system and its software needs to face unique challenges in terms of maintaining compliance with industry and legal regulations. Regulators are very concerned about good precision and accuracy over the software being developed. Controls, processes and technologies for managing change to the system must be developed and documented. The system needs to be tested not just against the functional requirements from the customer, but also against the book of mandated policies and regulations. Our team has developed a vehicle insurance portal and share market gaming mobile application. The concept of financial services has been integrated and developed successfully according to client requirements.

Retail & Services

Since last decade Retail and Service sectors have seen huge growth in terms of using IT software and its applications. In this sector, we have faith in our prominent clients, who are being facilitated by our development techniques which are helping them to smoothly manage all activities online. Our team has a good experience to deal with requirements related to the retail and service sectors. Also, we have developed CRM applications to boost their business. Call us for more details and demo.

Health Care

Health care is one domain in which huge amount of data is generated every day and thus has challenges to maintain, store, analyse and visualize. IT field has come up with various solutions for health care domain. Our team has successfully developed and implemented system for consultant homeopath and has digitized all patients' details. Also, we have developed Mobile application for Pharmacist to manage inventory and sales.


We at Enlighten Infosystems focuses on the latest tools and technologies; along with that our team is always in a search of optimized and better solutions for the client's requirements. We also work towards converting our own innovating idea into reality by going through rigorous market analysis and development cycle.


Imparting knowledge and Learning have evolved in this digital age. With that, the Education sector is focusing on automation so that each and every stakeholder is communicated and updated regarding various information, activities, schedules and queries. Our team has invested time, knowledge and skills to develop a complete Education ERP. Call us for more details. We will be more than happy to provide you with a demo.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Digitization in the manufacturing industry causes them to be better players. It helps in turning into an empowering influence of frameworks and information where they didn't exist, diminishing turnaround times, improving efficiency, cutting costs, making processes advantageous. We have simplified complex manufacturing processes and have provided various solutions to our clients to automate their business needs.

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